Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I have some ideas to put old lunchboxes use.
 TIP 1:                   There are some items that I always forget to grab on the way out of the house, so put together a car box. I’ve got sunscreen, some wet wipes, antibacterial gel, and some emergency toilet paper. Now you’ll always be ready at a moments notice.  I also have one that’s stocked with first aid supplies.
 TIP 2:                   Lunchboxes make great little toolboxes for specialty jobs; keep them stocked with picture hanging supplies, plumbing items, a sewing kit, or scissors and tape. If you enjoy scrap booking, a lunchbox is a great place to stash all of your paper scraps, and it’s easily portable to your work area.

TIP 3:                   Have your child store small toys with lots of little pieces in a lunchbox.  And since lunchboxes generally have a theme, you can even have an instant storage label for the things they love.

TIP 4:                   A retired insulated lunchbox can make a great cold storage bag for baby bottles for the newest member of your family.

Portable, sturdy and versatile, let lunchboxes make a comeback in your home!

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