Thursday, February 28, 2013

Alternative Uses for bed Sheets

Bed sheets aren’t just for a cozy night’s rest anymore, I have some alternative uses to bed sheets so gather them up.
If you have a closet where you store out of season or seldom worn clothes they can get dusty.  The solution, simply drape a flat sheet over all of the clothes and the closet rod. 

You can lift up the sheet if you need to access the clothes, but any dust will settle on the sheet!

A flat bed sheet and some drapery clips make a super easy no-sew window treatment!  As a bonus, it makes it easy to coordinate your bedding and windows.

You could also cut up one of those sheets to make matching throw pillows or lampshades.

 The next time your favorite store has a big bedding sale, stock up on some flat sheets that match your dining room décor, the sheets are perfect for building up and layering table’s capes.

 If you have a lightweight bedspread and you find that your blankets show through the spread, simply layer a flat sheet in a coordinating color over the blankets under the spread, it will block the color from showing through.

 Some simple ideas for re-using bed sheets, I’m Mrs. Fixit and it’s just that simple. 


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