Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Plate Shelf Project

I have an easy project that makes the classic plate shelf versatile enough for any room!  I’ll give you the basics and then you can adapt it to your needs.

STEP 1:      You need two twelve inch pieces of one by eight poplar, and four twenty four inch pieces, a one by six, a one by four, and a two one by twos. 

STEP 2:      For a basic shelf, make a diagonal cut two inches in from the left and four and half inches up from the bottom on each of the twelve inch pieces.  For a fancier shelf, use a jigsaw to cut a more decorative edge.

STEP 3:      Sand all of the pieces so that you get a nice clean finished product.   

STEP 4:      Dry fit the pieces together, the shorter one by eights are the sides, the one by four is the back, and the one by twos are the front.

STEP 5:      For assembly you can use nails or screws.  Mark all fastener locations; you’ll want two screws on each side to connect the back piece, three along the bottom and one on each side for the front. 

STEP 6:      Then simply assemble the piece.  If you have access to a nail gun you’ll get the piece done in no time, you could even make several to give as gifts!

STEP 7:      Now the finish work.  Fill the nail holes, sand, prime and paint! 

I’m Mrs. fixit and its just that simple!

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