Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Twist Ties

Saving even the smallest things can really come in handy around the house when you need them.  I have some alternative uses for twist ties!

Tip 1:    Use twist ties to manage the wires under your desk or behind your media equipment!

Tip 2:   If you lose the screw to your eyeglasses, peel the paper off of a twist tie, the little wire inside is the perfect fit for the hole until you can get the glasses repaired.

Tip 3:   If you’re worried about your suitcase zipper coming undone on a trip, thread a twist tie through the holes for a makeshift luggage latch.

Tip 4:  A twist tie can make a handy zipper pull when the zip tag disappears!

Tip 5:  In a pinch, use a twist tie for a hangar on the back of a wreath.  

Tip 6:  Twist ties are also helpful in the garden.  Use them to secure a climbing plant to a garden structure or trellis while training the vines. 
They will also secure small plants to their stakes when a little extra support is needed.

Tip 7: Finally, a handy bit of trivia.  If you’re looking for the freshest bread at the grocery store check the twist ties.  Monday is blue, Tuesday green, Thursday red, Friday white and Saturday yellow! 

That about ties it up! I’m Mrs. Fixit and it’s just that simple!

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