Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Painting Plastic

Whether you picked it up at a yard sale or it’s just seen better days, plastic furniture and kids toys can get new life with plastic paint!

Step 1:        Hose the furniture down.  Add a squirt or two of dish soap and a half a cup of ammonia to a bucket of warm water. Scrub furniture with the ammonia mixture and then rinse it well.

Step 2:        When the piece has dried, set up a painting station.  I like to hang a tarp from a wall or fence. Let it drape down to the ground. Depending upon the size of the piece you may need an additional for the ground.

Step 3:        Now all you need is plastic spray paint, the paint has a special formula that bonds to the plastic without using a primer, there are several brands on the market so just check your local home improvement center.

Step 4:        A couple of thing to remember when you’re spray painting.  Always keep the can upright so it doesn’t clog and keep it moving. If you want to add even more interest to your piece try taping off certain areas with painters tape or contact paper and add different shapes or colors!

Step 5:        Once it’s dried, flip it over and spray the bottom.  You also might want to do a second coat.

 I’m Mrs. Fixit and its just that simple.

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