Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Money Matters

Hey buddy can you spare a dime?  A nickel? Quarter? I have some quirky uses for money that give new meaning to the phrase, make your money work for you!

Tip 1:    Use a quarter to open a paint can.  It’s the perfect thickness, it’s a handy size to grip and you won’t damage the can.

Tip 2:   A dime is thin enough to fit most flat screw heads.  Slip it in the slot and tighten away!

Tip 3:  A penny can prevent corrosion on your car battery.  Place a penny by the terminals and corrosion will gather on the penny, not the battery.

Tip 4:    Any of these coins will come in handy if you have a wobbly table, either slip a coin under a foot on the table, or wedge it into the joint that’s causing the wobble in the first place.

Tip 5:     Spare change can help you sew a button too.  Place the coin on the underside of the fabric and line it up with the holes on your button, this will give you a handy guide so that you can easily find the holes in the button and you won’t prick your fingers!

Tip 6:     Fill an old bottle or decorative tin with coins and it makes a great doorstop or bookend.

Tip 7:      If all you’ve got are bills, you can put those to use too, did you know that a dollar bill is almost six inches long.  Remember that and you’ll have a handy measuring device in a pinch.

Some spare tips for spare change!  I’m Mrs. Fixit and it’s just that simple! 

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