Thursday, February 28, 2013

Let some Light In

Did you know that light affects your mood and well being?  If you or your family has winter drag, check your lights, you may be able to help.

First and foremost, open the blinds during the day.  We all need sunlight to be productive, so let the sun shine in.  Painting woodwork and moldings a shade of white also brightens a room because light bounces off of the whites.

If you have rooms without a lot of windows, or you just don’t like opening the blinds, brighten the inside light, there are all sorts of light bulbs that you can buy, to brighten a room choose a crisp sunlight type of bulb.  The brighter light will simulate sunlight and trick your mind.

Mirrored accents help too. These accents will bounce the light that you have making rooms seem brighter than they actually are.

Brighten dark corners, dark pockets take light out of the rest of the room, if you have accent lights in those corners you’ll find that rooms are brighter.

A couple of steps to brighten your home and make you more productive.  I’m Mrs. Fixit and it’s just that simple.


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