Monday, June 6, 2011

Candle Stubs

If your candles have burned down too far to look good, save the stubs! There are so many alternative uses for them around your home!

1. The stub of an old candle is the perfect tool for freeing up sticky drawers. Just rub the wax along the moving parts of the drawer and watch it slide easily into place. This same tip will work on stubborn windows!

2. Candle stubs are the perfect fire starters in the fireplace or the campsite. Light the candle and hold it in place long enough to light your kindling and not burn your fingers!

3. Rub a white candle stub over the label of a package before you ship it to seal in the ink and protect the address.

4. Squeaky doors? Carefully remove one hinge pin at a time and rub the stub of a candle all over it, slip it back in place and then squeak will be gone.

5. If you have a candle that won't stand up in a holder, coat the inside with some petroleum jelly. Use a candle stub to drip some wax into the bottom of the holder and press the new candle into place. As the wax cools it will hold the candle.

6. In the workshop you can use the stubs to coat screws and saw blades so they will easily move through wood!

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