Thursday, June 16, 2011

Seal Asphalt

A black top driveway can last you a long time but you need to routinely seal it and you can do it yourself.

1. The first step is edging the driveway. This will keep grass and weeds from taking over the area plus it will keep the sealer from killing the grass.

2. A day before you plan to seal it, use a power washer to clean any access dirt and stains. If you have a gas or oil stain, scrub it away with some hot water and powdered diswashing detergent.

3. Before you start, use a blower to get rid of dust and leaves that may have settled during the night.

4. Put a strip of 6 inch wide duct tape at the bottom edge of the driveway and along the edge of the garage floor. This will give you a nice straight line when the job is done.

5. Use a big paint brush to cut in the edges of the driveway like you would a room before you paint.

6. Then pool some of the sealer on to the asphalt and use a large squeegee to smooth it over the driveway. This will make an even surface and pool the sealer into all the pores on the asphalt.

7. Don't forget wear old shoes and a paint cover-up when you work because you will get messy.

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