Monday, June 20, 2011

Pool Tips

Backyard pools are becoming more and more popular. If you have a pool or you're planning on one, I have some tips that could a save a life!

1. A locking fence that separates your pool from your home and the rest of your yard is your first line of defense. Make sure that the fence is at least four feet high and that all locks and latches are in working order and that everybody uses them!

2. Don't keep any tables, chairs or moveable play equipment near the fence, they make great climbing platforms.

3. Make sure any door leading to the backyard has an alarm.

4. Keep a cordless phone with you whenever you're in the pool area. This serves two purposes, you won't be tempted to go inside and answer a call and the phone is by your side in case of emergency.

5. Enroll your family in swim and survival lessons as soon as they can crawl to the pool.

6. Also, insist that the whole family as well as anyone responsible for your children can perform CPR. Post a CPR instruction poster near the pool area

7. Finally, hang a Shepard's hook, or rescue ring close by. And have an emergency pool plan just like your fire plan!

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