Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If you're constantly forgetting things on your way out the door, I have a few easy ways to remind yourself without tying that string around your finger!

1. Keep a pad of sticky notes near the back door, when you have to remind yourself of something write it down and stick it on the door, this way you'll see it as you're leaving so you don't forget. This is also nice because you can grab say a shopping list reminder and stick it right to your purse or wallet.

2. If you have a window in your door you can use a dry erase marker and put your notes directly on the glass!

3. If you or your child have certain things you need to bring on certain days for sports, lessons or music class, write down the days of the week and all items you need for that day then just post it near the door. This way you can tell at a glance who needs what when!

4. If you need to remember something once you get to work or you get home, and you check your email often, email yourself reminder or even call yourself and leave yourself a voice mail.

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