Friday, June 3, 2011

Unconventional Fertilizers

Fertilizers feed your plants and soil to give you great gardens, I have some easy ideas for fertilizers that you probably have right in your own home!

1. Nitrogen is a natural fertilizer and is produced in the waste of all garden creatures. Feed them and you feed the soil. Worms love paper so rather than sending the whole paper to the recycling bin, bury some around the base of your plants the worms will eat it and help the soil to thrive. Sugar is a great food too, but rather than just sprinkling it on the soil think about other sources as well. Cereal crumbs for instance have both sugar and other nutrients, so sprinkle the crumbs from the bottom of the box around your plants. Another easy sugar source is an energy drink; because it will give you a one two punch. One it feeds the organisms in the soil and second it adds potassium, a really important nutrient for plants!

2. Another great source of potassium are banana peels. They're especially good for roses. Simply bury them at the base of the rose bush and watch the roses thrive!

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