Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dental Floss

Dental floss can keep your teeth healthy, but did you know it can actually help you clean and decorate your home?  
  1. Grimy build-up on your faucet handles is a common occurrence, but uncommonly hard to clean. The solution: pull out the floss; it will clean grimy buildup from between the crevices on the faucet just like between your teeth! 
  2. If you get a ring stuck on your finger, grab some floss. Wind the floss around your finger, not so tight that it cuts the circulation but just so that it compresses your swollen finger. When you're done, slide the ring off and unravel the floss. 
  3. No picture hanging wire - no problem. For light to medium weight pictures a length of dental floss is a sturdy substitute. Knot the floss several times to keep it from slipping! 
  4. Dental floss can also be substitute for thread when reattaching fabric covered buttons on a coat. Those buttons get a lot of pressure on them and the floss holds up better than thread! Plus, depending on the color of your coat you may even be able to coordinate with cinnamon or mint floss in red or green.  Along those same lines - if a strand of beads breaks, you can just restring them with dental floss! 
  5. If you lose the screw to your glasses and don't have a repair kit, thread some dental floss through the hole and tie it tight, it'll hold until you can get a new screw!

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