Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Over the Door Hooks

Don’t limit those over the door hooks to just clothes and towels; I have so many more cool ideas for their uses.

IDEA 1:      If you don’t want your necklaces getting knotted up in a jewelry box, use an over the door hook to keep them all in line on the inside of the closet door. They’ll stay knot free and you’ll be able to find the one you want at a glance.

IDEA 2:      On the back of the bathroom door a hook can keep your hairdryers and curling irons in arms reach.

IDEA  3:     Two hooks side by side will hold the ironing board neatly against the door so it doesn’t fall out every time you open the closet.

This would also work to keep your step stool right where you need it!

IDEA  4:     No bedside table to keep your glasses on? Use an over the door hook over the side of your bed frame to hang your glasses, they’ll always be right there by your side!

IDEA  5:     No closets for brooms or mops? Use an over the door hanger and some “s” hooks to store all those tools, they’ll swing open and out of the way with the door when you need to head downstairs.

Over the door hooks helping out around the house!

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