Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Packing Materials

You may think packing peanuts, bubble wrap and styrofoam, are a nuisance. But I have some ideas to put these things to use around your home.

IDEA 1:      Packing peanuts make a great bed for your pet, fill an old zip top pillow cover with peanuts and you have an instant spot for your pet to rest!

IDEA 2:      Painting your toenails?  Use packing peanuts between your toes instead of toe separators. 

IDEA 3:      When potting plants in big containers fill the bottom half with packing peanuts, it’s good for drainage and will be lighter and easier to move. 

IDEA 5:      If you don’t want to move big planters inside during the colder months, wrap the planter with some bubble wrap, just make sure it reaches from the bottom all the way above the lip of the top, then secure it with packing tape. It will protect the planter from the cold weather.

IDEA 6:      Keep bubble wrap in your car, it’s a waterproof cushion for everything from changing a tire to watching a football game.

IDEA 7:      During the colder seasons, line the inside of a window with bubble wrap; secure it with some tape and it will keep drafts out.  Because the wrap is clear it will allow light but not cold air to come through!

IDEA 8:      Sheets of Styrofoam can be used to hold small items like drawer knobs while you’re painting. Or line up treats like cones or lollipops for kids at your next party. 

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