Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sticky Notes

We’ve all used these sticky notes from time to time; I have some clever uses that you may not have thought of! 
1. These notes are great for reminders for your family, but the key is where you leave the note.  I like to stick the notes to the TV or a bathroom mirror, the location and the bright color make sure that the note is seen! 

2. If you’re sorting through a pile of paperwork use sticky notes as dividers between subjects, or to flag important pages in a magazine, or to label tabs in a three ring binder.

3. If you’re getting ready for a big holiday use sticky notes to mark which food goes in each serving dish. 

4. If you’re bringing a dish to someone else’s house you can mark any instructions on the outside of the dish so that your hostess knows what the dish is and what needs to be done.

5. Keep some sticky notes inside a cabinet for an easy spot to keep a shopping list; you can easily grab the notes on the way out the door.

6. And if you need a quick reference for driving directions when you’re driving, write the directions on a sticky note and adhere it to the steering wheel. It will be in your sightline without needing to keep looking at directions on the seat. 

Easy ideas to make those sticky notes work for you!  I’m Mrs. FIXIT and it’s just that simple!

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