Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Alternative Uses for Steam Irons

Sure you use your steam iron to press your pants and your shirt but did you know it has so many other uses around your house?

1. A steam iron is the perfect tool for lifting wax from linens. Lay a couple of paper towels over the wax and then press them with the iron, the wax will transfer to the towels as it melts. Move the towels frequently to prevent redepositing the wax.

2. If you move a piece of furniture, use your iron to fluff up crushed carpet fibers. Use a spoon to loosen the fibers up and then hold the iron over the area and let the steam fluff up the carpeting.

3. It's also the perfect choice for applying iron on veneer edging or patches. Simply cut the veneer to the size you need, cover with a piece of heavy paper or a cloth to protect the surface and then press with your iron to activate the glue.

4. To fix dents on wood furniture, poke several holes in the wood with a pin, lay a slightly damp cloth over it and hold the steam iron slightly above the area. This lets in enough moisture to swell the wood to its original size.

5. To fix a loose vinyl tile. Cover the tile with aluminum foil and run a hot iron back and forth over the area. The heat will reactivate the tile adhesive. Then, just stack a couple of books on to hold the repair down for a couple of hours. Don't forget the aluminum foil can get hot so don't get burned.

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