Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Picture Hangers

If you've been putting off hanging pictures because you're not sure what hanger you need or the best way to do it, I have some suggestions for you.

1. Try a gummed picture hanger for very lightweight pictures in plastic frames. You won't even have to make a nail hole.

2. To hang something on cinderblock, brick or concrete, use a hardwall hanger. All you have to do is put the flat part against the wall and drive the pins in with a hammer.

3. Traditional hangers and nails come in lots of sizes to support different weights. You just tap them into the wall at an angle and they're ready to use.

4. Even if your hanger is rated for the weight of the picture, two hooks are always safer than one. A little suggestion: triple the length of your picture wire and loop it through the eyes on the back of the frame. Make sure that you twist the wire around itself enough times so it won't slip and will hold securely. Then criss cross the wire. This way the picture's weight will be distributed evenly when you hang it.

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