Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vodka? Really!

Vodka compliments more than a martini, I have some household solutions that may surprise you.

1. Use vodka to clean gold and gemstone jewelry. Soak your jewels in a dish of vodka and then scrub clean with a soft toothbrush. The vodka will dissolve grime and leave your rocks with a little more bling!

2. If you're having people over and you've run out of bathroom cleaner pour some vodka into a spray bottle. It will put a quick shine on chrome fixtures and mirrors and it will remove stains from bathtub caulk.

3. Vodka can also benefit your fresh cut flowers. Pour a tablespoon or so into the water in your vase, it will kill bacteria that can harm your plants and it will keep the water nice and clean.

4. Anytime you cut "bulb" flowers like tulips or irises, mix together three cups of water and a tablespoon of vodka. The vodka will keep the stems of the flowers nice and firm so that you don't end up with slumped over blooms. Gives new meaning to a stiff drink!!!!

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