Monday, April 11, 2011

Time & Money Savers

If you feel like you spend half your time and half your paycheck cleaning your house, I have some time and money saving tips for you!

1. If you buy commercial cleansers don't buy them in a spray bottle, buy them in a large bottle you'll get twice as much for half the price, then fill your own spray bottle!

2. If you never use a whole steel wool pad when you do the dishes and it just ends up rusting before you need it again. Cut them in half they'll go twice as far, plus you won't have to clean up that rusty mess.

3. Use baby oil instead of furniture polish, it's inexpensive and it will leave a beautiful shine.

4. Speaking of dusting, buy an inexpensive car washing mitt to use as a dust rag. You'll find you clean much faster, it cleans easily around corners and legs and you'll use less polish because the mitt will hold it and become a pre-treated duster!

5. Dingy toilet? Put a scoop of powdered lemonade mix in there and let it sit for a while you clean the rest of the bathroom, the citric acid in the juice will leave a beautiful shine on the bowl!

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