Monday, January 9, 2012

Alternative Drapery Hardware

If you want something a little different in drapery hardware, I have what you're looking for.

1. Get a pegged coat rack that is the same width as your window, and paint it out to match the decor. Then, screw the board into place across the top of the window. Then, you can hang tab top draperies over the pegs for a fun new look.

2. For a more classic look, try attaching pretty, old doorknobs to the pegboard. You could also attach doorknobs at the sides of the window and use them as bases for tiebacks.

3. If you would just like a draping effect, get some plant hanging brackets. Hang the brackets on either side of the window and simply drape some sheer fabrics across them.

4. For a fancier look, tie loose knots around the bracket with the fabric. This will give a kind of rosebud effect.

5. If the curtains will hide the rod all together, try an adjustable shower rod; it is less expensive than curtain rods and it will fit a variety of window sizes.

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