Monday, January 23, 2012

Magnetic Magic

Have you ever noticed that you can't find the manual to an appliance when it's on the fritz? Well slip your manual in a plastic freezer bag and use a clip magnet to secure it to the side or the back of the appliance. That way you'll always know where it is when you need it!

1. Always knocking tools off of your ladder? Secure a magnetic tool hanger to the "not a step" on your ladder. Secure the tools to the strip before you climb up and they will be nice and secure whenever you need them.

2. Lots of times access panels for plumbing are screwed directly into the wall so it is difficult to access them when you need to get to pipes. Remove the panel and secure magnetic cabinet latches to the inside of the opening and the back of the panel, this way the magnets will hold the panel in place and the pipes will be easy to access.

3. A dustpan is an important tool to have in the workshop, but it can be even more useful if you secure a magnetic strip across the base of the pan. When you sweep the debris and sawdust from the floor, dump it in the garbage. Any nails and screws that you've dropped will stick to the magnet.

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