Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Who wouldn't like to make cleaning the bathroom an easier job? Well I have some tips that will help you keep your bathroom cleaner, longer!

1. Once you clean your glass shower doors use a rain-sheeting product designed for windshields. It will keep soap scum from sticking and keep the doors cleaner! You can also use paste wax on the walls and doors. Just be careful, don't get either product on the floors of the shower - it'll be slippery!

2. Another pre-emptive strike, spray the walls with white vinegar every couple of days to hinder mold growth!

3. You can also use white vinegar in the toilet each week, to help keep hard water stains from building in the bowl and keep your toilet looking better.

4. Want a double duty tip to keep your mirrors looking clean. Rub shaving cream into the glass every couple of weeks. It will prevent the mirrors from fogging up when you're using the shower, which in turn will prevent water spots on the mirrors!

5. Make sure that you run a fan in the bathroom to keep excess condensation off of walls and woodwork!

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