Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trash Day Troubles

Trash day troubles? I have some easy and inexpensive ways to ease those woes!

1. To prevent odors and inhibit mildew growth, toss a half a cup of borax in the bottom of your trashcan. Replace it once a month!

2. If you have something sloppy that needs to be tossed, double up some plastic grocery bags, dump the item inside and tie off the bag. Then throw that bag in the regular garbage without worrying about leaks.

3. If you have early morning pick up and animals tear apart the trash when you put it out at night, throughout the week freeze your leftover food. Slip food scraps and bones into a zip top plastic bag and pop it in the freezer. Trash night, toss the zip bags into the garbage and the frozen food won't emit an odor and therefore won't attract any pesky critters!

4. If you have pests constantly in your trash spray the outside of the trash barrels with ammonia each week and you shouldn't have a problem anymore.

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