Monday, January 23, 2012

Caring for Paintbrushes

You'll end up with a great paint job every time if you take care of your brushes, here are some easy ways to do just that!

1. Wash your brush with warm soapy water before you start a paint job, this will rinse out loose bristles so they don't end up in the paint, then just let it dry. Or, run a comb through the brush. The loose bristles will come out in the teeth!

2. To clean those brushes, remember latex paints will come off in warm soapy water, oil based paints need some turpentine or better yet - hot white vinegar will dissolve it!

3. By the way, if you soak a stiff brush in hot vinegar it will soften it back up!

4. Never rest your brush on it's bristles when cleaning it, that will ruin them. Snip apart a wire coat hanger and thread the brushes through it, place the hanger across the top of the bucket and the brushes will soak clean and last longer.

5. Add some fabric softener to the final rinse and the brush will be nice and soft.

6. Always remember to hang your brushes for storage to keep the bristles safe!

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