Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sharpen It Up

Pencils without points? Dull knives? Shameful scissors, I've got the low down on getting things nice and sharp. There are hundreds of pencil sharpeners on the market, so why does it seem like you can't find one when you need one!?! Don't worry I have some substitutes.

1. Try using a nail file to sharpen your pencil; the rough surface will do a great job. No nail file? Check your workshop for a wood plane. Just carefully run the pencil over the blade. This works great on carpenter's pencils too!

2. Dull knives? Check the cupboard. The bottoms of most coffee mugs have an unglazed ring. Just run the blade across the bottom of the mug at an angle and sharpen it like new in a few quick strokes. This also works with a terra cotta pot, so keep one in the cupboard!

3. To sharpen those can opener blades run a piece of waxed paper through the mechanism. It will clean and sharpen in one quick step.

4. Scissors a problem, fold a piece of aluminum foil into several thicknesses and snip through it a number of times. You won't believe the difference. Out if aluminum foil, sandpaper will work too! This also works great on your gardening shears.

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