Thursday, January 12, 2012

Key Rings

Key rings hold more than just keys, they hold the solution to a number of household problems!

1. If you have shoppers club cards floating around your purse, organize them with a key ring and a hole punch! Simply punch a hole in the bottom corner of each card. Just make sure you don't punch the magnetic strip or the numbers. Then thread them onto the key ring. Neat, organized and on hand when you need them.

2. A key ring is a great substitute for a broken zipper pull. From luggage to jackets, a key ring will give you a grip to zip and un-zip!

3. You can prevent items from being plugged in accidentally by looping a key ring through the hole in a plug's prong. This is a good idea for unused extension cords whose outlet becomes live when plugged in, or if you have little ones!

4. To make your hangers work harder in the closet, slip a ring over the head of the hanger, and then slip a second hanger through the ring. Double the space with minimal effort!

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