Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Sure your hairdryer is a morning essential, but don't stash it back in the cabinet, holster it up and put it to good use!

1. Stickers stuck? Just aim a hairdryer at the sticker for a minute or so and peel the stickers off with ease! From price tags to labels, unstuck in no time with no mess!

2. Did your candles drip all over your favorite candlesticks? No problem. Put the stick on a brown paper bag and aim that hairdryer at the wax, as it warms up you'll be able to easily wipe it away with a paper towel. Repeat with clean towels until all of the wax is gone!

3. How about dusting? Point that hairdryer on a cool setting at carved wood, wicker or high molding to easily remove stubborn dust!

4. We've all been there, making a birthday cake, you go to flip it out of the pan and you can feel it's stuck, no problem! Grab the pan and aim a warm hairdryer at the bottom for a minute or so, then try again. The cake should drop right out!

5. Back in the bathroom, if you need to get ready and the shower has steamed up the mirror, blow the steam away. You hairdryer will clear up the problem in a snap!

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