Monday, January 30, 2012

Dusting 101

Here it is dusting 101. My favorite ideas for getting dusting done in less time with better results

1. Put together a little dusting kit. First, the tools, include a dust mop that you won't use for floors, dust cloths, good choices are cotton socks, gloves, diapers or cheesecloth, paintbrushes for getting dust out of crevices and used dryer sheets for quick cleaning and cutting static

2. Then the cleaners, your favorite polish, some lemon oil, toothpaste for removing white moisture rings from wood before dusting, various shades of waxy shoe polish for covering scratches

3. Start from the top! Use your dust mop to clean dust and cobwebs from ceiling moldings, and the tops of doors.

4. Use a paintbrush for ceiling fixtures. Once all of the high areas have been hit, pull on the socks or gloves, or grab two cloths. Spray each with some polish and clean doors, casings, and furniture, working with both hands at once will get the job done quickly and you're less likely to miss a spot!

5. Dust electronics with used dryer sheets, the static cutters will help repel dust and keep those items cleaner, longer.

6. Pay attention to areas that are often missed while you're cleaning, like light bulbs, lampshades, baseboards, and pictures. Dusting 1-0-1!

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