Monday, January 16, 2012


If you want to build a cozy fire, but you've run out of kindling, you probably have some substitutions around the house.

1. Newspaper is an easy and economical way to start a fire, but if you crumple it up, it won't burn as long as you need it. Roll a newspaper as tightly as you can into a log. Then, slip it inside of a paper towel or toilet paper tube, this will keep it rolled and help it burn longer.

2. You can also try some citrus fruit peels as kindling. The natural oils in the peels will help them burn a long time. Another advantage to using these peels is that they burn very hot, which can help clean your chimney. Plus, the great citrus scent will spread through the house while the fire is burning.

3. To make fire starters, grab a cardboard egg carton and fill the compartments with dryer lint. Then, melt some wax in a bowl over a pan of boiling water. (Make sure it's not a bowl you plan on using for food). Keep a close eye on the wax, it is extremely flammable. Once it's melted, carefully pour it over all of the sections. When the wax is hard, just cut them apart. Then when you need them just light the cardboard.

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