Monday, March 26, 2012

Cathedral Ceilings

A cathedral ceiling can be a beautiful feature in any home, but it can be nearly impossible to clean if you don't have any access. Well, I have some ideas to help you out!

1. To clean cobwebs off of the ceiling all you need is some PVC pipe! Attach a length of PVC piping to the end of the vacuum hose and seal the seam with some duct tape. Now raise the new nozzle to the ceiling and turn on the vacuum cleaner. This will easily whisk away cobwebs and dust.

2. How about cleaning a ceiling fan that's high up? First things first. Turn the fan off at the source so you don't accidentally flip it on while you're cleaning. Now back to that PVC. Use small PVC pipes and elbow joints to make a small rectangle, use a "T" joint for one of the corners so you can connect it to a handle. You want your rectangle wide enough to be able to slip over the end of the fan blades and just tall enough that it can sweep the blades clean. Once you've got it built, wrap the pipes with some clean cloths and secure them in place so you have a little pocket through the center. Raise you're cleaning sleeve to the fan carefully slip it over a blade and run it back and forth until the blade is clear. Then just repeat this for the remaining blades.

3. Easy cathedral ceiling cleaning without a ladder.

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