Monday, March 5, 2012

Mirror Care

Does your mirror reflect the fact that you're not really sure how to keep it shiny and clean. If so here are the ideas that you need.

1. Keep some baking soda in your medicine cabinet. A little on a dry cloth will buff those water spots away without a trace.

2. To clean your mirror, try a little cold tea. Just dip a lint free cloth into the tea and scrub the surface. Then wipe dry for a sparkling reflection!

3. One of the biggest problems with the bathroom mirror is that it gets all fogged up. For a quick de-fogging, aim your hair dryer at the glass. The dry heat will clear the fog in no time. To prevent the haze from coming back, take a cloth and rub a layer of shaving cream all over the surface. Keep rubbing it until the cream has disappeared. You'll have a fog free mirror for a few weeks.

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