Sunday, March 11, 2012

Clamp It!!!

Any well stocked workshop needs clamps, but if you aren't sure exactly what kinds you need, I have some pointers.

1. Basic "C" clamps come in a variety of sizes and therefore can be used on all sorts of projects. Position the clamp over the area and spin the screw end until it is nice and secure on your project. (You may want to use a buffer so that you don't mar your project by over tightening).

2. Spring jawed grip clamps also come in a bunch of different sizes. They're perfect when you need a clamp in a hurry because you only need one hand free to use them.

3. Corner clamps are a must if you ever do any mitered projects, like picture frames. Just insert your corner into the framed area and tighten all the grips down. It will hold from all sides with even pressure for nice squared corners.

4. For bigger projects, you need some bar clamps. There are several different types. They slide back and forth on a bar or pipe. Some tighten down with a screw lever like the "C" clamps, but personally, I prefer this trigger grip variety.

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