Thursday, March 15, 2012

Help with the kids!

Kids are precious, but they can be a handful. Well, I have some tips to help out with the little ones.

1. No child likes to stop what they're doing to do what you want them to. So give them a countdown to make the transition easier. "Ten minutes Till Naptime" can save you ten minutes of whining if you just try to pluck them from playtime!

2. A sliver and a squirmy child are not a good combination. Give your child a popsicle to distract them and rub a little teething gel into the skin to numb it while you're working to get the sliver out.

3. Another great way to get a sliver out is to pop your little one into the bath. The water will soften the skin and help loosen the splinter.

4. When you're checking the temperature of your child's bath, use your elbow rather than your hand. It's more sensitive and you'll get a more accurate measure.

5. Another bath time tip. If your child doesn't like to get their hair washed it could be that their shampoo is cold, but their scalp is warm from the bathwater. The solution, toss the shampoo bottle into the water while you're filling the bathtub. It will warm up and not be such a shock to them.

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