Sunday, March 11, 2012

Rug Pads

Why do you need a special pad underneath your rugs? Well Among other things it will make your rug look better and it will make it last longer.

1. A quality rug pad will keep your rug from sliding around and the rug will grip the pad, which keep it flat. A slipping, sliding, wrinkling rug is a big safety hazard in your home.

2. A rug laid on a bare floor can damage the floor; the backing of the rug itself as well as the dirt that filters down through the rug can scratch floors and leave them quite damaged.

3. The rug pad will also cut down on the everyday wear and tear the rug receives. It's a cushion so it helps absorb the shock of the feet and furniture to make the rug more resilient. Plus, it makes it more comfortable for you as well. A good rug pad will also protect your floors from damage if there is something spilled on the carpet, as a liquid seeps through the carpet fibers it will be repelled by the padding and stay off of your floors!

4. The pad will also help make your vacuum more effective because the lift off the floor provides more circulation for the vacuum.

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