Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring is in the Air

What a gorgeous day! I think spring has sprung! If the thought of spring-cleaning has you overwhelmed, calm down, it's easy if you have a plan.

1. Start at the top. Cut a slit in an old tennis ball, slip it over the end of your broom handle and then secure a used dryer sheet over the ball. This handy extension arm will grab dust and cobwebs from high corners and ceilings.

2. To shed some light, take the glass globes and hurricanes off of your light fixtures and wash away the dirt and grime. Add vinegar to the rinse water for a streak free shine!

3. Wash woodwork. Work from the bottom up to avoid streaking. A simple soap and water mixture will clean away fingerprints and dirt.

4. Spring is a good time to flip your mattress. This will also force you to take off all bedding and clean it. Vacuum the mattress and box spring. A hint, slip a couple of dryer sheets into the vacuum bag and it will release that fresh scent into the air as you work.

5. Move furniture so you can deep clean behind and underneath. If you're working alone, slip the plastic covers from coffee cans under the furniture feet and slide it with ease.

6. Take down curtains and draperies to be cleaned, and while you have them down, go to work on the windows.

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