Monday, March 26, 2012

Flea Market Fabulous!!!!

If you look beyond the actual purpose of things you may be able to find great furniture and accessories for your home at the local flea market.

1. A great urn would look good in the garden, but if you top it with a piece of glass you have a really cute side table! You could do the same thing with a birdbath!

2. How about a headboard? "Plant" it in the garden and you have a great dimensional feature that you can use as a trellis or a small fence! If your garden is not big enough for a headboard, try a chair.

3. Vintage corbels from a house can be used as a sconce style shelf, you could also use them as a decorative support for a window, as bookends or just a place to display a picture!

4. Use an old heating grate as wall art; most of them are really pretty and decorative.

5. Look for items that you can turn into lamps, like this old watering can. Simply punch a hole in the top to hold the lamp works and you're in business, much more interesting than a plain old lamp!

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