Thursday, March 15, 2012

Leather Furniture Care

A lovely piece of leather furniture is a beautiful addition to any home, caring for it is pretty straightforward, I'll show you how.

1. During your weekly cleaning routine, wipe leather with a clean, dry cloth. Micro fiber is a great choice because it grabs dust and lint rather than just moving it.

2. Place leather furniture at least a couple of feet from any heat source, like a radiator or fireplace. Too much heat will dry out leather and make it brittle.

3. You should also keep leather out of direct sunlight; if your room is sunny make sure you use drapes or blinds to keep the suns rays off of the furniture to prevent fading and drying.

4. For spills on your leather furniture, use a barely damp cloth to clean it away and then buff the area with a clean dry cloth to be sure the stain and moisture are gone.

5. Wondering if your leather has a protective finish on it? Find an inconspicuous spot and put a couple of drops of water on it, if the water is absorbed you should check the care labels to see if you can seal the leather with a protective repellant.

6. Along those same lines a good leather conditioner will protect the furniture and buff out small scuffs and scratches from your leather, use it every six months or so to keep your leather looking its best.

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