Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Autumn Checklist

Fall, it brings football, crisp cool air and the knowledge that winter is right around the corner. Well I've got a checklist so you don't fall behind this season.

1. Clean and put away your gardening tools, wash them with warm soapy water making sure to get all of the surfaces clean. When the tools are clean and dry coat them with a thin layer of oil or petroleum jelly to prevent the formation of rust while they're not in use.

2. Clean and put away your patio furniture.

3. Have a heating professional come in and check out your furnace before you need it. Annual maintenance makes good sense and taking care of it before you need the heat will save you long wait times later on.

4. Walk around your house and check the caulking and weather stripping. This is an ideal time to remove or replace any that is damaged or missing.

5. Autumn is also a good time to order and stack wood for wood burning stoves and fireplaces.

6. An easy way to help prevent wet basements during the rainy season is to simply install a splash block at the end of your gutter's downspout. This will help keep water away from your basement and help with dampness.

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