Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Nail Pops

If your lumber wasn't properly dried when your house was built, it may cause the heads of nails to "pop". If this is a problem in your house there is an easy solution!

1. Make sure you use wallboard screws to repair your nail pops. These screws have a threaded shank that not only holds the wallboard securely, but also will resist popping in the future. The best thing to do at this point is to remove the popped nail, but this may cause damage to your wall. If you don't want to risk the damage, just drive it back into the wall leaving a slight indentation.

2. Secure wallboard in place by pressing up against it so you're sure it is snug to the studs and drive a wallboard screw into the wall about two inches above the existing nail just deep enough to leave an indentation.

3. Repeat the process with a fastener two inches below the pop.

4. When the repair is finished, use a putty knife to fill the dents with spackling. Let it dry thoroughly. Then sand it down and touch up with some paint.

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