Monday, November 21, 2011

Drippy Candles

Are you worried about the candles dripping on the tablecloth? If you are I have some tips to get rid of those drips.

1. Plug up your sink and sprinkle two tablespoons of salt in the bottom. Put your candles in the sink and run just enough cool water to cover them. Let your candles soak for a few hours, then just rinse and dry them off. The salt will harden the wax, which makes the candles burn cleaner and longer and their less likely to drip.

2. Another way that you can drip proof your candles is to store them in the freezer. To make sure that they don't get nicked in the freezer wrap each candle in a sheet of tissue paper and then stack the candles in a plastic shoebox. It will keep them neat and drip free! When you need a candle, just reach into the freezer, pull one out, and light when you're ready. This is also a good idea to keep your candles from getting bent and warped in heat and humidity!

3. If you have black soot marks on your candles clean them off with a soft cloth and a little rubbing alcohol.

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