Sunday, November 20, 2011


Thanksgiving, it means family, friends, turkey, and loads of stress. Well, I hope I can take some of that stress away with a few of these ideas.

1. Start first by cleaning out the fridge early, before you do the grocery shopping. This way you won't have groceries sitting out while you're trying to find room in the fridge.

2. If you're making bread stuffing, buy day old bread from the bakery. You need to let it dry out anyway and day old bread is cheaper than fresh.

3. If you prefer cornbread stuffing, forget the cornbread and buy corn muffins; it will save you time and mess!

4. Waiting for turkey to come out of the oven to make the gravy can put a wrench in your timeline, buy some turkey legs and roast them early in the morning. Use the pan drippings from those pieces to make your gravy. Then the gravy is done when you want it, and you'll have a couple extra legs, which can make for happy guests!

5. Make sure you organize and match up your plastic leftover containers before thanksgiving day, this way when you're full of turkey and stuffing you won't have to dig through the cupboard trying to match up lids!

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