Thursday, November 10, 2011

Turkey Baster

If you only pull out your turkey baster on thanksgiving you're missing out on some great alternative uses for these little wonders!

1. In the kitchen, sure it can baste a turkey, but it will also make filling muffin tins and making pancakes much easier, just suck up some batter and then squirt it right where you need it.

2. If you drop an egg you can use a turkey baster to easily suck up the majority of the mess, then simply wipe up whatever is remaining!

3. If you overfilled the coffeemaker, use a turkey baster to remove the excess water without making a big mess.

4. Fresh flowers last longer when you add freshwater every couple of days, rather than bringing the arrangement to the faucet, uses a turkey baster to get water down into the vase with no mess! It can also help you reach high plants to water them without climbing.

5. If you have a baby in the house, add a turkey baster to your bath supplies for a gentle rinse that won't scare the little one!

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