Monday, December 19, 2011

Beautiful Tools

Looking for beautiful tools, check the make-up bag. Many make-up tools can be used for simple home repairs!

1. Sponge brushes are great for small paint jobs, but what about tiny touch ups? Sponge tipped eye shadow applicators are perfect. They're just the right size and they're cheap too! These also work for spreading glue in a small space like a chair joint!

2. Nail polish is handy for touch ups too. Scratches on appliances can be painted with a little nail polish. The enamel finish is a great match, just be sure you pick up the right color polish! As with any paint job, you'll probably have to apply a few coats.

3. Clear polish is perfect for building up dings in wood furniture. Just apply several coats until it's even with the rest of the finish. Scratches can be filled in with an eyeliner pencil. Just rub it into the mark and then buff with a soft cloth to blend the repair in with the rest of the finish!

4. Then there is my favorite beauty tool, the emery board. Sandpaper on a stick. It's perfect for small jobs and tight spaces, and if you get one of these black buffing boards and wet it you can even smooth out small chips on a drinking glass.

5. Beautiful tools to get you through some simple projects!

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