Monday, December 19, 2011

Cooking and Baking Tips

Cooking and baking can cause frustration when you run into problems in the kitchen. These tips will help you get cooking and out of the kitchen faster.

1. Use a turkey baster when forming pancakes, you end up with equal sized pancakes and a lot less mess, every time!

2. If you need to chill dough for a recipe, make a ball, press it into a circle and wrap it tightly in plastic wrap. Then put it in the freezer. This does two things; starting from a circle will make rolling out the dough easier and using the freezer instead of the refrigerator cuts chilling time by three quarters.

3. Use a new powder puff for a nice even dusting of flour when you're rolling out cookie dough.

4. To test whether or not your baking powder is fresh, put a half a teaspoon in a bowl and pour a quarter cup of hot water over it. It should bubble; if it doesn't you need a new can.

5. Soak your measuring spoons or cups in hot water if the recipe calls for a sticky liquid like honey or corn syrup. The ingredient will slide right out!

6. If you're making a cake, use some dry mix to coat the pan. You won't end up with a white coating on the outside of the cake when it's done.

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