Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wrapping Center

The key to any task is organization. Well I have easy ways to keep your wrapping supplies organized so you can get through the chore of wrapping those holiday gifts in no time!

1. If you're always combing the house to find scissors and pens and tape and tags, buy two sets, one for the house and one for wrapping. Keep the wrapping set corralled in a see through make-up bag for easy, portable access.

2. If your wrapping paper rolls are always unrolling and falling to the floor, try this: cut a paper towel or toilet paper tube along its length. Then slip it around the paper, it will keep it rolled up and it won't rip the paper like tape can!

3. Now for storage, a clear hanging garment bag is the perfect spot to store all of your wrapping paper. Slip the rolls upright in the bag. Put your ribbon spools in the bottom along with your tape and scissors kit, and then stash the whole kit in a closet, always together and right where you need it!

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