Monday, December 19, 2011

Table Round for the Holidays

You have more guests coming than you have places at your dinner table; I have an easy project that will increase seating at your card table from four to six!

1. The table topper sits on your card table and is made of MDF board. To make the topper foldable and easy to store you'll need two - two by four foot pieces of quarter inch MDF board.

2. Attach one end of a string to the center of the length of the board. Make a loop in the other end and slip a pencil in to trace a perfect arc. This will be half of your topper.

3. Use a jig saw to cut both halves. Cutting curves is tricky so make sure that you work slowly and don't forget your safety glasses.

4. Once both sides are cut sand the edges smooth and brush away any dust.

5. Lay the two pieces next to each other and run a length of duct tape along the joint to give it some stability when it is folded.

6. Then to finish the topper off stretch some flannel backed vinyl over the board on the same side as the tape. Secure it all the way around with a staple gun and then trim away any excess.

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