Saturday, December 31, 2011

Taking Down the Tree

It was a beautiful holiday, but now it all needs to be packed up and put away. Luckily, taking the tree down doesn't have to make a huge mess!

1. Use a turkey baster to get any water out of the tree stand.

2. When the stand is off, wrap the sheet around the tree, and you'll have a handy sling to carry the tree in. It's easier, and you'll be protecting the walls and floors as you go. This method works best if you have two people.

3. If you're by yourself, cut the branches off of the tree before you take it out of the house. Spread a big sheet under the tree to catch needles as you work. Pull on a pair of work gloves and use your pruning shears to cut the branches. As you clip, just throw them in a big garbage can lined with a sturdy bag! Then you can easily carry the trunk out of the door.

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