Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Packing up Decorations

Somehow it never seems like as much fun taking down the holiday decorations as it does putting them up, but it has to be done. I have some pointers for you!

1. What do you do with all of your fragile ornaments? I suggest you stop by the grocery store and buy several sizes of plastic food storage containers and a few boxes of tissues. The containers don't cost a lot, and they're nice and sturdy so they protect your family's treasures, and the tissue is a perfect inexpensive buffer! The containers are also great for extra bulbs and fuses, hangers and tinsel!

2. If you're never sure how to store your lights so that you don't end up with a tangled mess, plug the strands together and wind them around an extension cord spool! Think how easy it will be when you pull them out next year!

3. It is so hard to find a safe place to store holiday wreaths, my suggestion, look down. Under a bed is an ideal place, they won't be in the way and yet they won't get crushed either. Slip it in a clear plastic garbage bag and slip it under the bed. Out of sight and safe until next year!

4. When you take the tree down, make sure that you clean the stand well with hot water and a little bleach. This will kill the bacteria and you'll be all set for next year.

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