Monday, December 12, 2011

Cardboard Tubes

Paper towel and toilet paper tubes aren't a throw away item - I can show you so many uses for them around your home.

1. If your tongs are always getting caught inside your drawer because they pop open, slip them inside a paper towel tube, it'll keep them closed and right where you want them.

2. Cut a slit along the length of a paper towel tube and slip it over the hanger to prevent creases in your pants. You can also slip them over the tops of a hanger to fill out the shoulders in a suit or jacket.

3. Stuff plastic bags inside a toilet paper tube and slip it in your purse or glove compartment, that way you'll have bags on the go for garbage, pet messes or kid clutter.

4. Cleaning your Chandelier? Slip cardboard tubes over the bulbs and sockets to protect them while you work.

5. If you have a little girl, a paper towel tube is a great way to organize all of those pretty little hair accessories.

6. How about a gift box for small items. Slip the gift inside and wrap the roll like the old fashioned Christmas crackers!

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